About Klatreparken Randers, Aalborg & Silkeborg

Get ready for a day full of fun and excitement in our three large climbing parks – Klatreparken Randers, Klatreparken Aalborg and Klatreparken Silkeborg. Grab your friends and family and enjoy a couple of active hours while you soar through the tree tops.

If climbing is not your thing, then it is completely free to visit the park and soak in the lush green forest from the ground. We have a cozy wooden hut in Klatreparken Randers and Klatreparken Silkeborg, and in Klatreparken Aalborg you can rest on the terrace overlooking Aalborg Zoo.

We love happy guests, and we receive both small groups of family and friends – and large groups like bachelor parties, company outings, school trips and birthdays. Please contact us for bookings and more information on how we can make your trip to Klatreparken unforgettable!

Booking and prices:

We always recommend booking your climbing in advance – even if you are just one person or a small group of a few people. If you show up without a booking, we cannot guarantee, that we have availability for you.

Prices in Klatreparken Randers:

Children up to 8 years*160 DKK
Junior 9-11 years230 DKK
Adult 12+ years280 DKK

*we recommend climbing for children of 6 years and up.

 Prices in Klatreparken Aalborg:

Mini 3-5 years*100 DKK
Child 6-8 years160 DKK
Junior 9-11 years230 DKK
Adult 12+ years300 DKK

* in company with a paying, climbing adult

Prices in Klatreparken Silkeborg:

Children up to 8 years*160 DKK
Junior 9-11 years230 DKK
Adult 12+ years300 DKK

*we recommend climbing for children of 6 years and up.

Opening hours:

The parks are open in all weekends, school holidays and public holidays from April to October.

We are always happy to open the parks outside of the normal opening hours for larger groups (min. 8 adults or the corresponding price). Please contact us, if you would like to book outside the normal opening hours – or if you are a small group who would like to ask for availability on weekdays.

Click here for opening hours in Klatreparken Aalborg.

Click here for opening hours in Klatreparken Randers.

Click here for opening hours in Klatreparken Silkeborg. 

The opening hours are also available in our booking system, when you are making your reservation. The booking system can be viewed in English.

We recommend booking in advance:

To book your climbing click here, send us an e-mail (randers@klatreparken.dk / aalborg@klatreparken.dk / silkeborg@klatreparken.dk) or call us (+45 8181 3780).

The prices include rental of equipment and instructions by educated staff. We recommend that you set aside 3-4 hours for your visit, if you want to be able to experience all the climbing tracks. 

There are no time limitations during our normal opening hours, and you don’t have to choose a specific course from home – you decide on how many and which courses and how long you would like to soar through the forest.  

It is only those who climb, who has to pay an entrance fee – it is free to stay on the ground and cheer on friends and family.

Practical information & FAQ:

How much time should I set aside?

It is very individual and depends on age and physical shape. But expect to spend a minimum of 2.5 hours completing all courses and rather set aside 4 hours if you also want to take breaks between courses.

How do I pay?

When booking online, you pay as you make your reservation.

When booking via mail or telephone, you pay upon arrival or via a payment link sent to your e-mail. In the parks we accept cash, most credit cards and Mobilepay.
You only have to pay, if you are going climbing – onlookers visit us for free.

Can you climb even if it is raining?

Yes, easily! A bit of wind or rain can easily be averted with a rain jacket and a smile. We only close the parks in the event of a storm or other severe weather – in which case we will contact the affected bookings.

Do you sell food and drinks?

We sell a small selection of soft drinks, water, tea/coffee and snacks. We can arrange sandwiches for larger groups – contact us, if you are interested.

Can you bring your own food and drinks? 

You are very welcome to bring your own food and drinks, and Klatreparken is the perfect environment to enjoy a nice homemade picnic in. You are also very welcome to have food delivered to the parks.

It is also possible to cook in Klatreparken Randers, Klatreparken Aalborg and Klatreparken Silkeborg. We have a large campfire with a grill grate and a small barbeque, which is free to use – just remember coals for the grill.

How about water and toilets?

In Klatreparken Randers, there is a toilet building in the parking lot, which is located just 100 meters from the park. There is a water faucet by the hut.

In Klatreparken Aalborg and Klatreparken Silkeborg, there is a toilet and sink inside the cabin area.

Got any questions? Contact us:

 +45 81 81 37 80

The administration telephone is open monday – friday 10:00-14:00.

On days with fixed opening hours, you can be forwarded to the park during the period from 09.00 – 15.00 hours for requests of climbing the same day. Bookings for other days must be made through the administration during the telephone hours or by e-mail.

Klatreparken Randers

Skovboulevarden 37, 8870 Langå

CVR: 35817166

Klatreparken Aalborg

Faunavej 7, Mølleparken 9000 Aalborg

CVR: 3726219

Klatreparken Silkeborg

Kastaniehøjvej 6, 8600 Silkeborg

CVR: 41932163